Jammie's Sweet Lil Boys

Jammie's Sweet Lil Boys
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Friday, May 24, 2013

May Flowers....

My dear husband bought this iron trellis for me a few years ago. We rushed to the nearest nursery and bought a plant to train to grow over it. For the past few years, the plant looked okay; meaning it didn't die! I have somewhat of a black thumb when it comes to plants. Well, I suppose in the past few years my black thumb is beginning to fade a bit. Anyway, the plant (I think it is called Carolina Jasmine) looks AMAZING! Go figure...we are in the process of selling our house and moving to another. I wonder if I can transplant it and NOT kill it?  Or, should I leave it for the new owners to enjoy...kind of like a housewarming gift? Let me know what you think....
Here are a few pictures of the plants on my front porch and in the planters on the sides of my garage. 

Notice the old ratty lawn chair in the background? I just can't bring myself to part with it. My dad passed away a few years ago and this was his favorite place to sit when he came to my house. Although it is the ugliest chair on the porch; its the most comfortable. Daddy broke it in for us...Love you Daddy

Have a wonderful weekend!

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